Application Engineer

We are looking for an engineer with a passion for aerospace, automotive, defense, or related industries.
Application Engineer

We are looking for an engineer with a passion for aerospace, automotive, defense, or related industries.

Job Description

As an Application Engineer at Uptimai, you will play a key role within our engineering team. Your primary responsibility will be to educate our existing and potential customers on the incredible capabilities offered by Uptimai's cutting-edge AI and machine learning software.

Your day-to-day tasks will involve close collaboration with our clients, partners, and colleagues. We will work together to solve engineering challenges across different industries using Uptimai's powerful tools. You will support our users by demonstrating solutions, creating efficient processes, and deploying our software effectively.

In addition to this, you will take the lead in creating and documenting practical examples, case studies, and educational materials to enhance our users' experience. You will be part of our research and development team, exploring statistics, predictive modeling, analytics, statistical optimization, and uncertainty quantification. You will help create innovative solutions to advance our technology.


We have an office in Prague, Czech Republic. This position offers the flexibility to work remotely.


  • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering, Engineering Mechanics, Aerospace Engineering, Engineering Physics, Biomedical Engineering or related field.
  • Knowledge of engineering principles, encompassing fluid dynamics, heat transfer, and structural mechanics, chemical processes, electrical systems, and more.
  • Hands-on experience with engineering simulation tools such as CFD/FEA.
  • Exceptional communication and writing abilities.
  • Familiarity with programming languages, with a preference for Python, MATLAB, R, or similar languages commonly used in engineering analysis and data science.
  • Analytical thinking is a must, and problem-solving skills are essential.
  • Prior experience in Aerospace, Automotive, Defense, or related engineering sectors is advantageous.
  • Preferred expertise in design of experiments, response surface modeling, surrogate modeling, machine learning, optimization, and uncertainty quantification.
  • Demonstrated proficiency in statistics, data analytics, uncertainty quantification, machine learning, or related areas is welcomed.

If you believe you meet these qualifications and would be a valuable addition to our team, please send your cover letter and resume to with "Application Engineer" in the subject line of