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UptimAI is an AI-powered software that makes engineering simulations more realistic while decreasing product development time.


Challenge & Solution

“The process of designing and improving products is time-consuming, expensive, and involves a lot of repetitive work. In addition, solving complex problems with many input variables requires extensive knowledge.”

UptimAI allows engineers to quickly understand the nature of the problems and propose innovative solutions. At the same time, it automates a large part of the work, hence reducing the overall development time and providing more space for creativity.

How it works

UptimAI works as an add-on to simulation tools and is designed to complement engineering simulations with probabilistic and statistical insights. The whole process of using UptimAI is very simple:


Connect UptimAI with your simulation or calculation tool. UptimAI is a non-intrusive solution, so it does not interfere with the simulation platform or the operating system.


Enter the statistical inputs reflecting the real operating conditions into UptimAI. You can design the inputs yourself, use predefined probability distributions or the measurement data.

Machine Learning

The UptimAI Algorithm creates a metamodel of the solved problem, while automatically adapting to it and thus speeding up the whole process. Further analyzes of the problem already use the metamodel, therefore they run much faster.


UptimAI clearly visualizes the links between input variables and the resulting product properties, providing a comprehensive insight into the problem.



Faster design process, more reliable results.

Deeper Insight

Allows to improve the properties of products in the whole range of operating conditions.


Reveals possible problems at each stage of the design process and suggests effective solutions

Lower Costs

Saves up to 90% of the computational time compared to standard approaches or DoE methods

Easy To Use

Does not require advanced mathematical and statistical knowledge of the user


MECAS-ESI s.r.o.

We used UptimAI in two projects for the automotive industry. The first project concerned the properties of the car’s structure and the second one involved the load on the dummy in the event of a car crash. UptimAI confirmed the specific benefits of the method used and its practical applicability in car development. We were satisfied with the quality of the outputs, intensive technical support, and especially with the active and flexible approach of the UptimAI’s team.

Karel Beneš, Senior Technical Consultant

VUT Brno

UptimAI provided us with a deeper insight into problems of the buckling of a pressurized cone with stringers and compressed fiber-reinforced composite panel. The tool quickly described the effects of changes in geometric and material parameters while its outputs clearly showed us the necessary dependencies. UptimAI was easy to couple with the MSC Nastran solver and was easy to use as well.

Jan Šplíchal, Aircraft Structures – Assistant Professor

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