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UptimAI is an AI-powered software tool that decreases production costs while optimizing the efficiency of your product.

About us

UptimAI is a tool for Uncertainty Quantification (UQ) and probabilistic modelling of industrial problems.

Our work is based on space research at the University of Strathclyde in Scotland. With the help of ESA business incubator, UptimAI evolved into tool handling the most complex problems including high-dimensional spaces or highly discontinues regions. Moreover, with the help of our industrial and academic partners, UptimAI was designed to be easy to use and engineering targeted. We developed a unique approach, which helps to make the simulation more real-life based, provides deeper insight into product development and allows to solve problems which are not possible with other similar tools.


From automotive to space.

We help our customers to speed up the design process, improve the quality of the product and open new ideas for the design. Our tool saves millions of euros for our customers. In reduced design costs, reduced scrap rates and saved many hours of work.


Engines efficiency is prone to production tolerances. The inclusion of UptimAI in the automotive design process is improving fuel consumption, reliability and noise generation.


Flight conditions vary during flight. UptimAI can quantify the uncertainties to reduce emissions and optimize performance over its whole range of working conditions to reduce operating costs.


Implementing probabilities helps to design safer spaceships. UptimAI can improve the prediction capabilities of simulation codes with implementing probabilities for all design parameters.

Power generation

UptimAI’s optimization tools allow companies to design a superior product over a wide range of activity. UptimAI reduces hazardous vibrations and unpleasant noise in the design of wind turbines.

Civil engineering

Design with uncertainties in mind leads to a safer, efficient and more reliable product. Using UptimAI in house design leads to a higher standard of living.

Many other applications

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You are in a good company.

MECAS-ESI s.r.o.

UptimAI company created for us already second study of uncertainty quantification aimed to automotive industry. First study concerned about characteristics of the structure of a car and the second one was dealing with stress of the dummy in the event of an impact during car crash. These supplied studies have shown us and our business partners in the automotive industry the concrete benefits of the method used and it’s practical applicability in vehicle development. We were satisfied with the quality of delivered studies, with intensive technical support, and especially with UptimAI’s active and flexible approach. We plan to develop cooperation with UptimAI further.

Karel Beneš, Senior Technical Consultant

CEAI Prague

We cooperated with company UptimAI on the development of an optimization method for our business platform. Company UptimAI provided us with on demand optimization tool, which was targeted directly to our problem. We were very happy with the provided expertise, an active approach taken during the project and the completed final solution.

Pavel Kučera, Systems Engineer


Our software tool is designed to enhance engineering simulation software with probabilities and statistical insight. It works as an add-on to engineering simulation tools and it can be coupled with almost any simulation software available. Providing deeper insight, improved reliability, reduced development time and optimized performance of the product. How does it works, it is very simple:


Every simulation starts with a definition of parameters. With UptimAI, it is necessary to define a realistic range for each selected parameter. Assigning a range or probabilistic distribution to the parameter brings it closer to reality and more reliable simulation. One can select from a range of predefined probabilistic distribution such as Normal, uniform, lognormal or define a distribution with our unique distribution generator. Also, one can load measurements directly and work with real-life conditions. This allows large versatility in the usage of UptimAI.

UptimAI algorithm

UptimAI works as an independent program and therefore, it is necessary to couple it with a simulation tool. However, this step is done only once during installation. The next part is only to start the process and UptimAI will do all its magic.

Other tools for statistical propagation are much harder to handle. They require performing a set of simulations, couple the code with the simulation tool and create a simplified model. This is done multiple times. This approach is time-consuming, prone to errors and reqiures expertise in statistics, surrogate modelling and mathematical modelling in general. But UptimAI can do all of these steps automatically and reduce the possibility of error and time required.


UptimAI provides standard well-known plots such as histogram or function plot. Above that, UptimAI provides additional tools which allows much larger insight into the problem. Enhanced sensitivity analysis allows distributing focus on parameters which creates an impact on the performance of the design and parameters, which creates stable design even under uncertain conditions. UptimAI’s increment plots provide a deeper analysis of the physics leading to new designs. Enhanced histograms allow designing much more stable and safer products. UptimAI‘s optimization technique is quite different than standard optimization. Instead of simple optimum, UptimAI provides regions where the design is optimal. This allows for easier decision making and straight forward multidisciplinary optimization. Using UptimAI’s optimization tool leads to an optimal product in various fields and not just one.


We are compatible with all major software.​


Better design process, more reliable results.

Proven efficiency

Improve product features, save production costs and decrease product fail rate.

Fully automated

Seamless integration with your simulation system, UptimAI AI-powered algorithm many times faster than the competition.

Deeper insight

Thanks to advanced AI modelling, UptimAI can uncover deeper statistical insight for your products. ​

Training and consultancy

We offer training in statistical modelling and optimization.

Our experts have cutting edge expertise in probabilistic engineering, uncertainty quantification, surrogate modelling and optimization. Our expertise is coming from cooperation on various academic problems, where we pushed boundaries of human knowledge, to complex industrial problems, where we helped our customers to push their products to a new horizon.


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