If you use numerical simulations for product development, UptimAI will allow you to achieve better results in a significantly shorter time. UptimAI is suitable for every type of numerical simulation, ranging from stress calculation or flow dynamics to magnetic fields. To give you an idea, here are some application examples for different industries:


  • Increasing passive car safety by designing more effective deformation zones.
  • Improving passenger comfort thanks to more realistic simulations of airflow in the cabin.
  • Optimization of engine efficiency in the entire range of its operating conditions.


  • Reduction of emissions and noise through the innovative design of exhausts and engine nacelles.
  • Shortening the landing distance by improving the performance of the flaps.
  • Increasing the durability of the chassis and reducing its weight.


  • Understanding the effects of inertial forces, radiation, static discharges, extreme temperatures, and many other factors.
  • Increasing the payload of the rocket while maintaining fuel consumption.
  • More accurate estimate of rocket parts’ impact location.


  • Increasing the service life of the screw-propeller by reducing cavitation.
  • Design vessel shape to achieve optimal hydrodynamic properties.
  • Improving stability and resistance to weather conditions.

Manufacturing – Mobile

  • Prevention of machine motors overheating regardless of the operating time.
  • Elimination of fatigue fractures of highly stressed parts.
  • Increasing the hourly output of machines.

Manufacturing – Industrial

  • Design of manufacturing tolerances to reduce production costs while maintaining quality.
  • Increasing the stiffness of production machines without the need to increase their weight.
  • Design of maximally efficient production cycles of machines.

Power Generation

  • Reduction of vibrations and annoying noise of wind turbines by improving the shape of the blades.
  • Extending the service life of individual parts of the device.
  • Increasing the efficiency of turbine operating cycles.


  • Optimization of vehicle consumption by reducing their weight.
  • Improving passenger comfort by reducing vibrations.
  • Increase passive pedestrian safety by improving front panel design.


  • Reducing the reflectivity of radar beams by improving external geometry.
  • Increase of ballistic resistance by a correct layering of materials.
  • Improving terrain permeability by optimizing chassis design.


  • Increasing the efficiency of electric motors by improving the design of the core.
  • Reducing the performance sensitivity of the electrical equipment to its manufacturing tolerances.
  • Optimization of antenna characteristics to increase their reach.


  • Design of safer and more reliable buildings by improving their static properties.
  • Increasing the standard of living thanks to more realistic simulations of heat circulation inside the buildings.
  • Design optimization of the structural load-bearing elements.

And many more

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