Installation guide – Windows

Learn how to install the UptimAI software package on to your Windows computer

Installation Requirements: #

Operating system: Windows 10

UptimAI installer: #

Step 1: Download the software from the Member Area of UptimAI website.

Step 2: Extract the files and run the UptimAI_Installer.exe

Step 3: Get your Computer UID, selecting the Get Computer UID button on the installer

The Computer UID, can be also obtained executing the pshostid file on the command window

cmd -> C:…\pshostid.exe

Step 4: Send the generated machine ID together with your customer identification to:

Step 5: Select the received License files (Solver License and UI License)

Select UI License -> UptimAI_UI.lic
Select Solver License -> UptimAI_Solver.lic

After the installation, License files can also be changed in the following folders:

UptimAI_UI.lic -> uptimai_preprocess
UptimAI_UI.lic -> uptimai_postprocess
UptimAI_Solver.lic -> uptimai_solver

Step 6: Create an empty folder for installing the software

Step 7: Install the UptimAI software (It is required 2.1 GB of free space)

NOTE: The Installer sets a path to the UptimAI software folder as an environment variable. That path is used during the software uninstallation for recognizing where the software is located.

Step 8: The UptimAI software has been properly installed. Now it’s possible to start the software from the selected folder or using a shortcut