Distribution Creator

With the help of the Distribution creator, a distribution of an arbitrary shape according to users needs can be prepared. It is an add-on of the Input preprocessor program popping up on Define button’s command. It helps to design the distribution properly with its graphic interface allowing to see the resulting shape immediately. Distribution shape itself can be also stored into *.txt file or loaded from one when needed.

How to use it: #

The initial state of the application’s window can be seen in Fig. 1. At the very top of the program’s window, there is a standard Menu bar with an ordinary arrangement of items. Under the File menu, you can store you current progress using the Save to file option, load previously created distribution shape with the Load from file option or Quit the program. About item of the Menu bar contains features accessing this document (Help) and company information and contact (Company).

Right below the Menu bar you can see settings of boundaries for interactive distribution shape design. On the same level to the right, there is a name of the currently handled variable. The Distribution definition area underneath is split into two parts. On the left is the canvas with already prepared horizontal axis where the shape of the input distribution can be established simply by mouse-clicking on the screen. Coordinates of created points appear on its right side of the window sorted in the table, one row of the table for each point. Points can be added by settings their exact coordinates on the right side also. For better orientation in the figure, points are numbered and also highlighted when the mouse pointer moves over a row of the table. On the very bottom of the window are placed file managing buttons as well as the creator’s main command buttons.

When adding a point and adjusting its coordinates one should be aware of the following rules:

  • X coordinate of any point must be within preset boundaries of the designing area. If you want to extend the range of variable values, adjust preset boundaries on the top of the window.
  • Y coordinate of any point should be up to 1:0.
  • X coordinates of points should be distinct. Two or more points with the same X coordinate may lead to failures of input distribution creation.

Buttons: #

  • Set: Confirms the settings of distribution creator boundaries.
  • Delete: Removes defined distribution definition point on a specified row of the table.
  • Add: Adds new distribution definition point defined via entry fields on the left. There is no prescribed pattern of distribution point definition, these are sorted automatically when added or adjusted.
  • Clear points: Deletes all distribution definition points from both the design area and the table.
  • Save distribution definition and close: Saves the distribution definition as designed by the user. Coordinates of distribution definition points are stored into a file in the project folder with the name of the currently handled variable. The window is closed then and the distribution is passed back to the Input preprocessor’s UQ method.

Fig. 1: Distribution creator – clean window

Entry fields: #

  • Boundaries: Sets dimensions of the input distribution design area.
  • Name of variable: Shows the name of the variable whose input distribution is processed. Cannot be changed.
  • X and Y: Coordinates of points forming the shape of the input distribution. These are given either by mouseclicking into the left part of the window or by exact definition on the last row of the table and can be adjusted to precise value afterwards. Each pair of values (row) is labelled with the number of the displayed point.

Fig. 2: Distribution creator – distribution created/loaded