At the end of 2019, we participated in an acceleration program that supported our company’s growth significantly. With the investment from Lighthouse Ventures, we have been able to advance the tool development, rebrand and expand the business.

Martin Kubíček has developed a unique product that is ten times faster and significantly more accurate than similar solutions on the market. Thanks to our acceleration the program, we want to help him turn technology into business success on the international market,” explained Michal Zálešák, the Managing Partner at Lighthouse Ventures.

UptimAI offers full automation and simple connection to standard simulation tools. This leads to high efficiency while offering deeper insights and a different perspective on product optimization. This is a revolution for the simulation area. One tool that combines an otherwise lengthy process of simulation set-up, code synchronization, and the creation of a simplified model. Thanks to the unique algorithm, for example, engines are more efficient, cars safer or bridge structures more stable. The solution can be applied in a wide range of industries. Use for the solution can be limitless, for instance, aircraft and spaceships manufacturing, engineering and medicine.

“Since we are engineers by profession, we understand that existing optimization methods are not applicable to conventional engineering designs. Instead of a clear optimum, our algorithm will offer the engineer a wider field of choice, which is much more practical than the standard approach,” says Martin.

One of the successful pilot projects that was our jump start for the investment was executed for Škoda Auto in Mladá Boleslav, where our startup worked on the so-called box beam. This is the part of the car that absorbs impact energy and significantly increases the chances of survival in an accident.

“We helped to improve the element to be resistant to many directions of impact and not just to the front impact. We also helped set the element so that its absorbed energy is not affected by external circumstances,” says Martin. Since the pilot, we have continued our cooperation with Škoda.

The article was written by Czech Crunch, which interviewed Martin Kubíček, the founder of UptimAI.

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